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CuNiMn Sputtering Target High Purity Thin Film Pvd Coating Custom Made

Copper Nickel Manganese

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Alloy Sputtering Target

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Copper Nickel Manganese




Plates,Column Targets,arc cathodes,Custom-made

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Vacuum Melting

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Copper Nickel Manganese sputtering target is fabricated by means of vacuum melting. It features high purity and electric conductivity and could be used in panel display industry.

Copper Nickel Manganese alloy usually has Nickel content 2%~44%、Manganese content 0.1%~28% and Copper balance. Manganese shows substantial solid solubility in copper and is an effective solid solution strengthening agent. It could improve the properties of the alloy.

Rich Special Materials specializes in the Manufacture of Sputtering Target and could produce Copper Nickel Manganese Sputtering Materials according to Customers’ specifications. For more information, please contact us.

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