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WNiCu Sputtering Target High Purity Thin Film Pvd Coating Custom Made

Tungsten Nickel Copper

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Alloy Sputtering Target

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Tungsten Nickel Copper




Plates,Column Targets,arc cathodes,Custom-made

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Tungsten Nickel Copper material is a Tungsten-based alloy with 85-99% Tungsten content and Nickel, Copper, Molybdenum and Chronium added into it. It has good machining properties, thermal and electric conductivity, non-magnetic, excellent radiation resistance, lower expansion coefficient, which make it extensively used in radiation protection with sensitive environment. For requiring non-magnetic gyrostatic rotor material, and counterweight and cushioning material on the aircraft, in military project, be used as armour piercing shot and shrapnel etc., be used as the X-ray-preventing shielding material in medical industry, the high-density alloy oscillator, the electric upsetting that are used as in civilian industry on the mobile phone bore piece and electrode materials etc.

Rich Special Materials specializes in the Manufacture of Sputtering Target and could produce Tungsten Nickel Copper Sputtering Materials according to Customers’ specifications. For more information, please contact us.

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