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FeNi Sputtering Target High Purity Thin Film Pvd Coating Custom Made

Iron Nickel

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Alloy Sputtering Target

Chemical Formula



Iron Nickel


99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%


Plates,Column Targets,arc cathodes,Custom-made

Production Process

Vacuum Melting,PM

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Iron Nickel Sputtering Target is manufactured by means of Vacuum Melting, Casting and PM. It has a very high magnetic permeability at low field strength.

An Iron Nickel target (Nickel>30 wt%) demonstrates the face-centered cubic structure at room temperature. Conventionally Nickel Iron targets have more than 36% composition of Nickel, and could be divided into four categories: 35%~40% Ni-Fe、45%~50% Ni-Fe、50%~65% Ni-Fe and 70%~81% Ni-Fe. Each could be made into materials with circular, rectangular, or plane magnetic hysteresis loops.

Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Sputtering Targets are utilized in a wide range of applications, for example magnetic storage media and EMI shielding devices.

Rich Special Materials specializes in the Manufacture of Sputtering Target and could produce Iron Nickel Sputtering Materials according to Customers’ specifications. We could supply purity 99.99% and our typical compositions: Ni-Fe10at%、N-iFe16at%, Ni-Fe19at%, Ni-Fe20at%, Ni-Fe36at%, Ni-Fe50at%, Ni-Fe70at%. For more information, please contact us.

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