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How to improve the utilization rate of molybdenum target materials

Sputtered molybdenum targets have been widely used in the electronics industry, solar cells, glass coating, and other fields due to their inherent advantages. With the rapid development of modern technology in miniaturization, integration, digitization, and intelligence, the usage of molybdenum targets will continue to increase, and the quality requirements for them will also become increasingly high. So we need to find ways to improve the utilization rate of molybdenum targets. Now, the editor of RSM will introduce several methods to improve the utilization rate of sputtering molybdenum targets for everyone


1. Add electromagnetic coil on the reverse side

In order to improve the utilization rate of the sputtered molybdenum target, an electromagnetic coil can be added on the reverse side of the planar Magnetron sputtering molybdenum target, and the magnetic field on the surface of the molybdenum target can be increased by increasing the current of the electromagnetic coil, so as to improve the utilization rate of the molybdenum target.

2. Select tubular rotating target material

Compared with flat targets, choosing a tubular rotating target structure highlights its substantive advantages. Generally, the utilization rate of flat targets is only 30% to 50%, while the utilization rate of tubular rotating targets can reach over 80%. Moreover, when using the rotating hollow tube Magnetron sputtering target, since the target can rotate around the fixed bar magnet assembly all the time, there will be no redeposition on its surface, so the life of the rotating target is generally more than 5 times longer than that of the plane target.

3. Replace with new sputtering equipment

The key to improving the utilization rate of target materials is to complete the replacement of sputtering equipment. During the sputtering process of molybdenum sputtering target material, about one sixth of the sputtering atoms will deposit on the vacuum chamber wall or bracket after being hit by hydrogen ions, increasing the cost of cleaning the vacuum equipment and downtime. So replacing new sputtering equipment can also help improve the utilization rate of sputtering molybdenum targets.

Post time: May-24-2023